Configuration free sendmail/mail alternative - a 30 line script file

If the only thing a server uses mail for is system notifications, life can be simplified.
Skip sendmail/mail program installation and configuration. No need to worry if the SMPT server is a security risk. Instead, set up a simple script which sends all notifications via an HTTPS API to an MTA (Mail Transfer Agent).

How is this possible? Because any notifcation is sent using one of the executables mail or sendmail So those executable only have to be sustututed with links to out simple script file.

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Password free unattended backup with OpenPGP/gpg encryption key


Leaving a password in the clear to a backup script file is a nuisance because care must be taken not to accidentally make it public. Also, it’s a temptation for nosy people.

An OpenPGP/GnuPG standard assymetric key only requires a password during decryption, and not during encryption, which solves that problem. (OpenPGP standard, GnuPG implementation).

We show how to create an encryption key without a signing key.

We show a couple of examples of how to use the key:

  • unattended duplicity backup
  • auto backup of etckeeper data

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